Photosub Annual Dinner 2014

The Photosub Annual dinner was held at the Farnham House Hotel (near Guildford). 34 club members met for drinks, socialising and a 3 course dinner. The annual competition this year was judged by Photographer and Lightroom guru, Saeed Rashid. Saeed teaches photo journalism at Bournemouth University and is himself an underwater photographer of over 13 years; he runs photo trips with Blue O2. There are 5 categories:

  • Blue Water Projected
  • Blue Water Advanced Projected
  • Green Water
  • Green Water Advanced
  • Print Competition

There was a good showing in all categories:

  • Blue Water Projected (15 entries)
  • Blue Water Advanced Projected (44 entries)
  • Green Water (11 entries)
  • Green Water Advanced (24 entries)
  • Print Competition (23 entries)

The results can be found on the results page.

Thank you Saeed for taking the time to judge the competition, to Len Deeley for organising the evening and the competition and to Bert for the print stand. Finally thanks to all members who took time to enter the competition and congratulations to those placed in the competition.

Blue Water Projected (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

2014 BW 1st

2014 BW 2nd

2014 BW 3rd

Blue Water Advanced Projected (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

2014 BWA 1st

2014 BWA 2nd

2014 BWA 3rd

Green Water Projected (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

2014 GW 1st

2014 GW 2nd

2014 GW 3rd

Green Water Advanced Projected (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

2014 GWA 1st

2014 GWA 2nd

2014 GWA 3rd

Photosub AGM – 2014

Approximately 20 members attended the Photosub AGM meeting on 18th Jan 2014. Reports were made by Keith Lyall (Chairman) and Kam Arya (Treasurer), followed by re-election of officers.

The AGM was followed by an excellent selection of food, and projections of video from Jo Horrocks and images from Joss Woolf and Len Deeley. Thanks to Joss for hosting the evening and slaving over the stove to provide excellent food.

The minutes of the AGM can be found here. The minutes also give information on various dive trips and events planned for 2014.

Photosub digital competition 2013

This year’s digital competition contained 35 entries and was judged by Ocean Leisure Cameras‘ Dave Glanfield who sadly could not attend, but submitted very helpful feedback:

No 1 for me is without doubt image 29 (Bob Soames). I love the composition; the eel’s markings echoing the sand dune ridges, somewhat reminiscent of the sandworm in the 80′s movie Beetlejuice. The use of one strobe lifting the subject from the background, two strobes would have left it flat. Perfect sharpness and exposure of an interesting subject not normally seen like this – love it.

No 2 is image 17 (Wendy Eve). A classic shot beautiful composed and exposed. It must have taken a lot of patience to get this shot of these feisty little beasts.

No 3 is Image 27 (Bob Soames). This has a certain feel about it, which is hard to pinpoint. It’s such a clean photo with the background bleeding beautifully around the subject into the foreground. The exposure is absolutely spot on and if this image has been tweaked in Photoshop it’s been done beautifully covertly.

Special mention. Image 5 (Joss Woolf). I really love this photo. I see countless underwater images and rarely see one that makes me sit up and take notice. This is such a quirky photo with great composition.

Special mention. Image 6 (Joss Woolf). I really like the texture of this image along with its symmetry, it’s very appealing.


Photosub Splash-in 2013

A total of 23 people attended the BBQ last night, including the hosts, Godrey and Judith, and the guests of honour Dave and Gill Hughes. It was an excellent evening in the spacious garden with the weather keeping fine for us.

Dave Hughes is a member of Godalming Photographic Club and has a LRPS distinction with the RPS. He has had a number of successes with the Surrey Photographic Association and the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain as well as winning images in the Godalming Photographic Club. He was sent the 15 entries which were just numbered and a brief description but no authors and judged them in advance. All of the images (entries by Alex Tattersall, Keith Lyall, Len Deeley, Rob Robertson, Gill Marsh, Bob Soames) were all projected later in the evening and the results announced. They were as follows:

Highly Commended
Keith Lyall with image of a hermit crab taken at Selsey
Keith Lyall with image of nudibranch taken at Selsey
Len Deeley with close up of Tubularia Indivisa head taken on James Egan Layne

3rd place
Bob Soames with image of plumose anemone taken out of Plymouth

2nd Place
Len Deeley with image of white striped anemone taken on James Egan Layne

1st Place
Len Deeley with image of diver and plumose anemones on Scylla wreck (with heavy plankton bloom).

Dave Hughes gave briefly his reason for his selections. Prize money was £50 to the winner.

Hopefully we will see a greater number of entries next year. At the next meeting we can discuss the timing of the splash in for 2014. My view is that we should move it to later in the season, maybe mid to late July.

Here are the images


Photosub Annual competition 2012

Guest of honour: Martin Edge
There was a good turnout of 37 members and guests for our 2013 Annual dinner, held on 2 March at the Farnham House Hotel. Our guest of honour Martin Edge  judged the images. A special thanks to Martin for all of his efforts in making his selection and all those who took part in the competitions.
Blue Water
1. Wendy Eve
2. Adrian Haines
3. Adrian Haines
Blue Water Advanced
1. Bob Soames
2. Martyn Guess
3. Ken Sullivan
Green Water
1. Rob Robertson
2. Artian Haines
3. Adrtian Haines
Green Water Advanced
1. Keith Lyall
2. Ken Sullivan
3. Bob Soames
Congratulations to the winners and also to JP Trenque and Bert Lee for their efforts in preparing the competition and organising the print stands respectively. Finally a thanks to Hon. Chairman, Keith Lyall for his efforts on the evening.
I hope everyone enjoyed the event. Next year’s dinner is booked for 1 March 2014 at the Farnham House Hotel.


Photosub AGM – 2013

We had 17 people attend the meeting yesterday, which included the AGM and was followed by some excellent food (no surprise there) and presentations of images from Jo, Keith, Joss, Ken, Bert, and myself.

Our thanks once again to Joss for hosting such an enjoyable evening.

The minutes of the AGM can be found here. These also give some information on some dive trips already planned for 2013.


Photosub Splash-in 2012

About 30 people attended the BBQ on 18 August and our thanks go out to Jo and Keith for an excellent evening with excellent food, the evening made even more enjoyable
because of the perfect weather.

During the evening our honoured guests, Veronica and Alan Barrett, judged the
Photosub Splash-in images. Veronica and Alan are both excellent photographers and
there work can be seen on their web pages:
Veronica = (still under construction) and, where you will see among other things her ARPS
and FRPS distinction panels. Alan = .

This year we had a disappointing number of members entering (4 with a total of 11
images), maybe due to the generally bad weather leading up to the Splash-in weekend.
As you probably know in the event the weather on that weekend was excellent, so
hopefully the faint-hearted will participate next year and increase the numbers
entering. The Splash-in is the only Photosub competition where prizes are given in
addition to trophies.

And the results;

  • In first place was George Mitchell with a profile portrait of a male cuckoo wrasse.
    George wins a £25 voucher for Oxygene in Cranleigh as well as holding the Photosub Splash-in trophy for one year, and a glass shield.
  • In second place was Len Deeley with a group of jewel anemones. Len wins a Beaver automatic safety light.
  • In third place was Chris McTernan with a diver on the Glen Strathallan wreck. Chris
    wins a Lionfish self build model.

Here are the three winning images.

The next meeting will be on 24th November which will also include the results of the
Photosub Digital Image Competition. We will be in touch with you nearer the time to plan your entries. The venue is likely to be Little Culmer, Wormley. However, building work is
underway so we will let you know if that changes.

I hope everybody who attended enjoyed the BBQ evening and our thanks once again to
Jo, Keith, Veronica and Alan.


Reminder that the Photosub bbq is at Keith and Jo’s place on 18th August. Also the selection of the Splash in winners by two highly respected photographers from Alan and Veronica Barrett . Arrangement will be as usual, small fee for the meal (£6) and bring your own beverage. Usual people bring sweets if you are able. I will email also.

For those entering the SPLASH IN send your images to me (not JP) . They should be 1400 x 1050 pix and you can enter upto 3. There does not look like being many people entering so if you have images put them in as higher chance of walking away with a prize.