About Photosub

In early 1990 Len Deeley discussed with a few individuals the idea of forming an underwater photography club. Publicity was mainly word of mouth and sufficient interest was shown to get the club off the ground.

In addition to Len, the other founder members of the club were Andy Austin, Bert Lee, Dave Ledger, Keith Webster, John Benn, Shirley Murray, Michael Maher, Roger Nash and Bob Bradley.

The intention was to form a club which complemented rather than replaced members own diving clubs and also, for those who were members, The British Society of Underwater Photographers (BSOUP).

The club was intended to be as informal and non-bureaucratic as possible with a strong emphasis on improving members photography, providing and participating in photographic competitions, and organizing diving trips tailored to photography. Also, the social side of the club was an important element, which was to be promoted by having regular meetings/social events in members houses.

A couple of meetings later, the club became official with a committee and a constitution and activities were planned for 1991. Since then we have not looked back, with a growing membership and very active program of events providing the main forum for most members diving.

The core activities for each year are :

  • A Photosub Splash-in (July) for UK & Ireland images
  • Participation in various underwater photographic competitions such as the annual BSOUP competition
  • The Autumn Competition judged by a renowned underwater photographer (November)
  • Regular meetings and social events through the year
  • An annual BBQ which is the venue for the winner selection of the Photosub Splash-in by a guest judge.
  • An annual dinner, at which a guest of honour selects the winners of Photosub’s annual projected image and print awards.

In addition to the above, various members organize other dive trips both in UK and overseas, as well as supplementing other photographic expeditions.

Recent Posts

Photosub AGM – 2017

The Photosub 2017 AGM & Social Meeting was held at Pat Deeleys home.  There was a good turnout with 20 members attending. The AGM was held at the start of the evening, followed by a fantastic chilli (thanks Mario) and a variety of puddings. The evening concluded with projecting images from a number of club members (Martha, Anthony, Joss, Dario, Maria, Georgette, Jo and Keith)

My thanks, as ever, to everybody for coming along and to those that brought images to share. Particular thanks go to Pat for hosting the evening, ably assisted by Mario and Ann, and to those who provided the puddings.

The key points from the AGM were:

  • It was agreed that subscriptions for Full Members remain at £15, and for Social Members (non diving) at £8. 2018 subscriptions are now due.  Electronic payment to the Photosub bank account if possible please (HSBC; account # 61212605; sort code 40-27-07). Please let Martha know of any payments.
  • It was agreed that the Splash-In competition period remains at approximately four weeks, as it did in 2016 and 2017, timed to allow images to be judged for the BBQ meeting.  The area to be dived will remain anywhere in UK or Irish waters.  For 2018 the competition period will be the month of July with a deadline for images to reach Keith by midnight 31 July.
  • 2018 Committee Members
    • Chair – Martyn Guess
    • Secretary – Roger Eve
    • Treasurer – Martha Tressler
    • Competition Secretary – Keith Lyall
    • Committee Member – Bert Lee

Keith Lyall will continue to manage the club website

Thanks go to the outgoing Chair, Bob Soames for steering the club through a difficult time with the deaths of Len Deeley and Kam Arya, and for his drive and enthusiasm in ensuring the success of the Photosub 25th Anniversary exhibition.

  • Club Constitution – The Committee was required to provide a Photosub Constitution in order to update the club bank account with HSBC. This was drafted from the BSOUP constitution. The constitution was agreed by the AGM. It was discussed that should the Photosub club ever fold, that any club assets could be donated to a charity organisation. Any final agreement would be made at the time of club dissolution.

2018 Events

  • Club Annual Meal – Farnham House Hotel (Sat 7th April 2018). 
    • Meal choices and payment details will be sent out in the near future.
    • Keith will provide initial details for the competition entries in the near future.
    • The guest judge is Charles Erb. 
  • Spring Meeting – Georgette Douwma (date tba)
  • BBQ Meeting & Splash-in Results – Keith & Jo (Sat 11th August 2018)
  • Autumn Meeting – Grant Pearman OR Pash & Rob (November time, hosts and date tba)

2018 Diving Opportunities

To provide more opportunity for people to dive together is was suggested that:

  • Anyone organising a trip can advertise to members by contacting one of the committee so a club wide email can be sent.
  • Individuals planning to dive would not necessarily organise a group boat, but could post details of bookings they have made and leave it for individuals to book onto the same boat.
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