Photosub Annual Competition 2011

Judged on 3 March 2012 by Paul Naylor

The Photosub 21st Dinner took place on Saturday 3 March 2012 with a few extra ingredients.

Len Deeley put an audio visual together of Photosub Revisited, with images of some of our members over the past 21 years. Kam Arya also had a 21st Birthday cake made by a dear 89 year old lady to celebrate our coming of age. There were 44 guests booked although unfortunately two were unable to make it. It was very nice to see some of our ex members who came for the special occasion e.g. Keith Webster and Ron Lee.

After the dinner and the cake cutting there were a few well chosen words from our new Chairman Keith Lyall and the audio visual was run. Our guest of honour was Paul Naylor with his wife Teresa and Paul then said a few words and thanked us for the invitation. Paul was sent the PDI images in advance for judging so they were already prepared to be run through and then the winners projected with comments from Paul on each of the winning images.

We had received :

  • 9 green water images
  • 34 green water advanced images
  • 14 blue water images
  • 44 blue water advanced images

Here are the winning images.

Photosub Annual Competition 2010

Judged by Dive Magazine’s editor Simon Rogerson

The 2010 competition took place at the Farnham House Hotel and was judged by Dive Magazine’s editor Simon Rogerson who chose 3 favourites andone or two highly commended in 4 categories : Blue Water, Green Water, Blue Water Advanced, Green Water Advanced.

The Blue Water category was won by Gillian Marsh and Isabella Nash took the Green Water trophy. In the Advanced Category, Joss Woolf’s seal was chosen as best Green water advanced image while Martyn Guess won the blue water advanced category

Photosub Splash-in 2010

Our guest of honour and judge for the evening was Steve Laurenson a well known photographer in the Surrey area and circuit judge with the Surrey Photographic Association. He was tasked with selecting the winning entries for the Photosub Splash in. There were 16 entries but three had to be withdrawn as the author mis-understood the rules and thought that the entries were allowed from the weekend of the BSoUP Splash in, whereas the competition dates were the 8/9 May. Therefore, the final results were as follows:

  • 1st place Bob Soames with a picture of a Tompot Blenny
  • 2nd place Alex Tattersall with a picture of a nudibranch
  • 3rd place Bob Soames with a picture of a sea slug egg ribbon

Bob was awarded the Photosub Splash in trophy, which he retains for a year as well as a permanent trophy. He also won a DVD fish guide and a waterproof storage bag. Alex wins a woodcut construction kit of a blue whale (and may he have many happy hours constructing it!)