Photosub digital competition 2013

This year’s digital competition contained 35 entries and was judged by Ocean Leisure Cameras‘ Dave Glanfield who sadly could not attend, but submitted very helpful feedback:

No 1 for me is without doubt image 29 (Bob Soames). I love the composition; the eel’s markings echoing the sand dune ridges, somewhat reminiscent of the sandworm in the 80’s movie Beetlejuice. The use of one strobe lifting the subject from the background, two strobes would have left it flat. Perfect sharpness and exposure of an interesting subject not normally seen like this – love it.

No 2 is image 17 (Wendy Eve). A classic shot beautiful composed and exposed. It must have taken a lot of patience to get this shot of these feisty little beasts.

No 3 is┬áImage 27 (Bob Soames). This has a certain feel about it, which is hard to pinpoint. It’s such a clean photo with the background bleeding beautifully around the subject into the foreground. The exposure is absolutely spot on and if this image has been tweaked in Photoshop it’s been done beautifully covertly.

Special mention. Image 5 (Joss Woolf). I really love this photo. I see countless underwater images and rarely see one that makes me sit up and take notice. This is such a quirky photo with great composition.

Special mention. Image 6 (Joss Woolf). I really like the texture of this image along with its symmetry, it’s very appealing.