Photosub Splash-in 2012

About 30 people attended the BBQ on 18 August and our thanks go out to Jo and Keith for an excellent evening with excellent food, the evening made even more enjoyable
because of the perfect weather.

During the evening our honoured guests, Veronica and Alan Barrett, judged the
Photosub Splash-in images. Veronica and Alan are both excellent photographers and
there work can be seen on their web pages:
Veronica = (still under construction) and, where you will see among other things her ARPS
and FRPS distinction panels. Alan = .

This year we had a disappointing number of members entering (4 with a total of 11
images), maybe due to the generally bad weather leading up to the Splash-in weekend.
As you probably know in the event the weather on that weekend was excellent, so
hopefully the faint-hearted will participate next year and increase the numbers
entering. The Splash-in is the only Photosub competition where prizes are given in
addition to trophies.

And the results;

  • In first place was George Mitchell with a profile portrait of a male cuckoo wrasse.
    George wins a £25 voucher for Oxygene in Cranleigh as well as holding the Photosub Splash-in trophy for one year, and a glass shield.
  • In second place was Len Deeley with a group of jewel anemones. Len wins a Beaver automatic safety light.
  • In third place was Chris McTernan with a diver on the Glen Strathallan wreck. Chris
    wins a Lionfish self build model.

Here are the three winning images.

The next meeting will be on 24th November which will also include the results of the
Photosub Digital Image Competition. We will be in touch with you nearer the time to plan your entries. The venue is likely to be Little Culmer, Wormley. However, building work is
underway so we will let you know if that changes.

I hope everybody who attended enjoyed the BBQ evening and our thanks once again to
Jo, Keith, Veronica and Alan.