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In early 1990 Len Deeley discussed with a few individuals the idea of forming an underwater photography club. Publicity was mainly word of mouth and sufficient interest was shown to get the club off the ground.

In addition to Len, the other founder members of the club were Andy Austin, Bert Lee, Dave Ledger, Keith Webster, John Benn, Shirley Murray, Michael Maher, Roger Nash and Bob Bradley.

The intention was to form a club which complemented rather than replaced members own diving clubs and also, for those who were members, The British Society of Underwater Photographers (BSOUP).

The club was intended to be as informal and non-bureaucratic as possible with a strong emphasis on improving members photography, providing and participating in photographic competitions, and organizing diving trips tailored to photography. Also, the social side of the club was an important element, which was to be promoted by having regular meetings/social events in members houses.

A couple of meetings later, the club became official with a committee and a constitution and activities were planned for 1991. Since then we have not looked back, with a growing membership and very active program of events providing the main forum for most members diving.

The core activities for each year are :

  • A Photosub Splash-in for UK & Ireland images
  • Participation in various underwater photographic competitions such as the annual BSOUP competition
  • The Open Competition judged by a renowned underwater photographer (November)
  • Regular meetings and social events through the year
  • An annual BBQ which is the venue for the winner selection of the Photosub Splash-in by a guest non diver judge.
  • An annual dinner, at which a guest of honour selects the winners of Photosub’s annual competition.

In addition to the above, various members organize dive trips both in the UK and overseas, as well as supplementing other photographic expeditions.

Recent Posts

Photosub Annual Meal – 2024

The Photosub Annual Meal 2024 was held at the Percy Arms Pub in Chilworth, Surrey.  

The event was attended by 24 club members plus our guest judge Jane Morgan. Jane is well known to Photosub members, as both a past member and chair of the club, as well as through her membership of BSOUP. Following arrival drinks and general socialising, members enjoyed a three course meal.

Following the meal the Annual Competition images were projected. The competition comprises the usual 4 categories with a total of 120 images (down from 135 last year) submitted by 13 members. To encourage more competition participation there is no date limit on images allowing members who are no longer diving to participate.

  1. Green Water Macro/Close Up (21 entries)
  2. Green Water Wide (24 entries)
  3. Blue Water Macro/Close Up (39 entries)
  4. Blue Water Wide (36 entries)

Jane is a highly accomplished and well respected award winning underwater photographer and works as the Dive Safety Officer and Dive Technician at Falmouth University (Link). Images were provided to Jane ahead of the event to allow her to review at her leisure.

Following the welcome from our Chair, Joss Woolf, Jane said a few words on how difficult she found judging given the high standard of images particularly in the blue water macro section. The results are as follows.

Green Water Macro/Closeup

1st Place Keith Lyall
2nd Place Pash Baker
3rd Place Rob White
Highly Commended Gill Marsh
Highly Commended Rob White
Commended Jo Horrocks
Commended Chris McTernan
Commended Gill Marsh
Commended Pash Baker

Green Water Wide Angle

1st Place Keith Lyall
2nd Place Gill Marsh 
3rd Place Keith Lyall 
Highly Commended Gill Marsh
Highly Commended Pash Baker
Commended Chris McTernan
Commended Joss Woolf
Commended Rob White

Blue Water Macro/Closeup

1st Place Pash Baker
2nd Place Mario Vitalini
3rd Place Pash Baker
Highly Commended Rob White
Highly Commended Pash Baker
Highly Commended Gill McDonald
Commended Martyn Guess
Commended Keith Lyall
Commended Joss Woolf
Commended Martyn Guess

Blue Water Wide Angle

1st Place Gill Marsh
2nd Place Pash Baker
3rd Place Rob White
Highly Commended Keith Lyall
Highly Commended Rob White
Commended Martyn Guess
Commended Keith Lyall
Commended Joss Woolf

Len Deeley Trophy

Following the death 8 years ago of club founder and driving force Len Deeley, a new trophy was created by Pash Baker and Jo Horrocks in memory of Len. This trophy is presented on a yearly basis at the club annual dinner. 

Club Chair Joss Woolf introduced this years recipients, Martyn & Sue Guess. Martyn & Sue have been strong supporters of the club over the years. In addition to regularly entering the various club competitions, they have hosted many club events at their home. Of particular note was outdoor club meal in tents in 2021 just as we were allowed to socialise again. This was the first face to face event following the pandemic and despite the weather was a very successful and enjoyable evening. In addition Martyn has also been club  Chair from 2018 to 2022. The Len Deeley award recognises Martyn & Sue’s support and contribution to the successful running of the club.


These events do not run successfully without the help of a number of club members and thanks go to:

  • Jane Morgan for attending the evening and for Jane’s judging and comments during the results presentation.
  • Keith for organising the venue and engaging with the Percy Arms staff to plan the evening.
  • Martha for managing the meeting finances and collection of payment.
  • Roger for providing all event communication.
  • Keith for organising and running the club competition.
  • Joss for providing the evening introductions and thanks.

Finally thanks to all who entered and congratulations to all winners.

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