Photosub Splash-in 2010

Our guest of honour and judge for the evening was Steve Laurenson a well known photographer in the Surrey area and circuit judge with the Surrey Photographic Association. He was tasked with selecting the winning entries for the Photosub Splash in. There were 16 entries but three had to be withdrawn as the author mis-understood the rules and thought that the entries were allowed from the weekend of the BSoUP Splash in, whereas the competition dates were the 8/9 May. Therefore, the final results were as follows:

  • 1st place Bob Soames with a picture of a Tompot Blenny
  • 2nd place Alex Tattersall with a picture of a nudibranch
  • 3rd place Bob Soames with a picture of a sea slug egg ribbon

Bob was awarded the Photosub Splash in trophy, which he retains for a year as well as a permanent trophy. He also won a DVD fish guide and a waterproof storage bag. Alex wins a woodcut construction kit of a blue whale (and may he have many happy hours constructing it!)