Next Photosub meeting – 26 May

I can now give you details of the next meeting. This will be held on 26th May in Lawnsmead Church Hall in Wonersh nr Guildford and is adjacent to the village green. It has been organised by Kam. It is the same one that was used for an earlier event. (See Map) . Kam says if it is a nice day people can come early as it is a picturesque village and a good photo opportunity. We will be making a small charge of £2 towards the hire of the hall. For a change we will be arranging a ‘fish and chip supper’ which will be delivered in by a local fish shop. The choice of menu follows and you can pay on the day:

  • Cod and chips £5.30
  • Chicken and chips £5.30
  • Pie and Chips £4.00
  • Sausage and chips £2.90

We will arrange for roll and butter to be provided. Meals will be boxed and cutlery will be available in the hall. You need to bring your own drinks.

Please let me know your requirement as soon as possible and we will put in the order.

We have arranged for a speaker for part of the evening. This is Suzy Q and her talk is ‘Sharks: Fear and Fascination’.

Suzy has worked in the field of shark research and conservation for over 10 years and runs Africa Diver which specialises in taking shark diving tours out to Southern Africa. She is the UK Director for the Shark Research Institute and has worked with whale sharks in Western Australia, Tanzania, Djibouti, India and Honduras. After which she found herself working with great white sharks in South Africa and filming, amongst other things, for a Discovery documentary – great whites without cages. A freelance wildlife film maker she recently produced a film about diving with crocodiles in the Okavango. She strongly believes that introducing people, whether divers or non-divers, to the marine environment is one of the most effective conservation tools available. The talk covers topics including the philosophy of fear, psychology of human rational thought, shark behaviour and shark ecotourism.

In addition I will bring along the entries for the last annual competition for everyone to see and also a short AV , Photosub Revisited, which introduces some of past and present members of Photosub over 21 years.